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Fr. Mark-Arsenios Wyatt (biography)

The Parish Council

Larry Zakaib  – Chairman
Mark Tabah – Vice Chair
Hector Zakaib – Treasurer
Carol Maker – General Secretary
Jeff Azakie  – Recording Secretary
Rosette Habak
Justin Massad
Youssef Samlaji
Sacha Sara
Gerry Shadeed
Ibrahim Tamer
Eric Zakaib

Presidents and Directors

Antiochian Women President
Marie Azakie
Men’s Club
Randy Aziz
Teen SOYO President
Mary-Eve Anderson
Sunday School Director
Eric Zakaib
Choir Director
Mary Jane Puiu – Zaher Samaan – Hanna Ayoub
Youth Director
Larry Zakaib
Jack-Ziad Hawa

Faithfully served by:

St. Raphael of Brooklyn
Fr.Ephraim Deeb (1898-1901)
Fr.Meletios Karroum (1901-1903)
Fr. George Mahfouz (1903-1906)
Fr. Aftimios Ofiesh (1906-?)
Fr. Agapios Gholan (1910-1917)
Fr. Michael Zarbatany (1917-1957)
Fr. Theodore Ziton (1957-1962)
Fr. Gibran Ramlaoui (1962-1963)
Fr. John Nicholas Israel (1963-1969)
Fr. Joseph Shaheen (1969-2000)
Fr. Peter Shortun (2000-2007)
Fr. Mark-Arsenios Wyatt (2007-Present)

History Highlights of St. Nicholas Church:

• Officially founded in 1899 by St. Raphael of Brooklyn as “The Syrian Greek
Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas of Canada”.
• Renamed in 1970 as “St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church”.
• The 2nd parish founded by St. Raphael, after Brooklyn, N.Y.
• The 1st Orthodox parish in Montreal and one of the oldest in Canada.
• The Cornerstone of the first St. Nicholas Church building (Notre Dame
Street) was blessed by St. Raphael of Brooklyn in 1910.
• The Cornerstone of the second & present St. Nicholas Church building (De
Castelnau Street) was blessed by H.E. Metropolitan Antony Bashir & H.G.
Bishop Samuel David in 1950 and consecrated in 1951.
• Both the Church & Parish Hall have been beautified and greatly renovated
over the years to preserve the community’s legacy for future generations.
• The parish has grown to become a healthy mix of approximately 500
families born both in Canada and in the Middle East. The use of English,
Arabic & French is balanced appropriately for all aspects of parish life.
• Major demographic changes with many new young families joining the
parish, along with city-growth, the majority no longer live in the Church
neighbourhood itself (old Leb/Syrian hub), but all over greater Montreal.
• In 2015, St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Scouts (#300) was founded. It
quickly grew and was later renamed as “Antiochian Orthodox Scouts” and
became the official Scouts Group for all Antiochian Churches in Montreal.
• In 2016, the parish responded to the request of H.E. Metropolitan JOSEPH
and sponsored numerous Syrian refugee families and welcomed them as
new members to the growing parish family.

Our Orthodox Roots

Biography of our Patriarch
Biography of our Metropolitan
Biographies of our Bishops

Our parish is under the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America, which is part of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East. Our Church services are mainly in English with a blend of Arabic. We are a multicultural community with a rich past as our Parish was established and shepherded by St. Raphael Hawaweeny over 100 years ago! All are welcome to attend our Church services and worship the Holy Trinity with us: Father, Son and Holy Spirit – the one God!

We are a Humanitarian Parish!

Our Parish is very humanitarian, we raise funds twice per year for selected Orthodox Charites who we have listed on our Orthodox Links page. Our Church Organizations also sponsor two children in Lebanon, helping them attain a decent education for a brighter future. Our Antiochian Women also frequently visit the residents of the Cedars Homes in Montreal.


Our bookstore is open after the Sunday Divine Liturgy and upon request. We carry a variety of Orthodox books (English & Arabic), Children’s books & Icon-puzzles, Chanting CD’s, large and small Icons for home blessings, Prayer ropes & bracelets, ceramic mantle decorations, and more!

Parking Info

On Sunday only: Free Parking in the McDonald’s Parking Lot in the 20 spaces facing St-Dominique Street (facing the Church stairs). Free Parking at the Renaissance Parking Lot (spaces 1 to 14) from 10:00am until 1:00pm.

Free Street Parking: Between Jean Talon Street & De Castelnau Street (St-Dominique, Casgrain, etc. — pay attention to the signs). Parking Meters within a 2-block radius of the Church are available on Jean Talon Street

If you are elderly or a mother with young children or handicapped and need assistance for Sunday parking, please contact the Church Office by Friday morning to arrange for a member of the Parish Council to help you park your car. We have a handicapped entrance with an elevator at the side entrance of the Church. If you plan to arrive before 10:30am on Sunday, please contact the Church Office by Friday morning so we can arrange to have the door open earlier for you. (The door is left locked for security reasons as we have a Sunday School downstairs)

A note for those attending a Wedding, Baptism, Funeral or any Event at our Church: There is no parking at the McDonalds Parking Lot other than on Sunday morning. The Lot does not belong to us, nor to we have rights to it. Please come early and find parking on the street. The McDonalds lot is monitored and cars will be towed.

For those who travel by Metro, we are right across the street from the De Castelnau Metro Station. Thank you!

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    What a great job Fr Mark and Zaid I go on our Web once a week /with great pleasure i read it all especially our great events their is something for everyone check it out for yourself our attendance in our Parish is great also Thank you everyone for attending God Bless You All

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  4. What a beautiful WebSite Page full of: Details.. Keep up All with the Good Work.. God`s Blessings upon All of You and upon All of our Parishioners who devote time and effort to our: Faith – Heritage – Orthodoxy – Hope – Liturgy and Culture as I commend All Baord Members; Volunteers and Abouna Mark for their sincere gracious efforts as I wish our Lord Jesus and our Virgin Mary to grant you all: Good Health so that an abundance of gracious good work is coupled with gratitude and good health to all.. Cheers and Joy…Murad

  5. Nick Grigoropoulos Family says:

    St.Nikolaos Orthodox Church is a divine light and inspiration for our family and all the community. We are always received and invited with kindness and brotherly love. May our Lord multiply your blessings and continue to be the Light in this world.

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