Good News from Syria for a change! Very late last Sunday night in Syria, after negotiations our abducted Maaloula Nuns were released to the care of the Church after several months of captivity and being human shields. Details pertaining to their release can be read here:

Video #1 – The Delivery of the Nuns by the “Rebels”.
Note: the Black Flag with the White Qur’anic Script is the Flag for Jihad used by Al-Qa’eda…

Video #2 – The Receiving of the Nuns by the Clergy & People with informal interview of the Abbess, Mother Pelagia.

Video #3 – The Prayers of Thanksgiving (Great Compline Service) at Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Damascus with the Nuns present in the Church. (LBC News Reportage)

This Sunday, we will also be holding special Prayers of Thanksgiving in our Church for their safe release! Please join us & stay for Lunch!